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Research: Photos – Taking apart the Acer Travelmate 244ML

November 26, 2010


My girl has an old Acer Travelmate of which the motherboard died completely a few years ago. Researching the options to build a “DIY tablet PC” I decided to take it apart and see what possibilities it offers to re-use parts from existing machines. Laptops are reasonably compact, so they might offer some re-usable parts. […]

Rooting my Android LG G540

October 1, 2010


The base steps for Rooting are these: Install APK installer on your phone via the google market Download Universal Androot. Attach your Android phone to your USB port Copy Universal Androot to your phone’s SD card Run APK installer Tap the Univeral Androot.apk file to install Start the Androot app See more info on rooting […]

Some light on the problem with Google and the Italian Privacy Authority

February 25, 2010


Without a waiver of responsibility and the high risk to get sued and/or arrested for what your users do and create, the web might become a very dull "read mainly" place for highly groomed "safe content". This article sheds some light on the backgrounds of this case.

Trademarking and protecting a name

November 11, 2009


When you trademark a name within a specific branche, you become the "owner" of that name. Anyone who uses or abuses your registered name can be forced to withdraw. Secondly, the trademark can be linked to all kinds of merchandise, creating spin-off revenue like George Lucas did so cleverly with Star Wars. Trademarks have to be registered per country or union and when you enter countries like China or Nothern African cultures, you also will have to protect the sound / pronouncation of that trademark.


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