RoomWare applications at NPOX and CabFab

Posted on September 11, 2009


In october and november we will do two large-audience setups for two different events. The first is the CabFab Business Event 2009 in the Cabellero Factory in The Hague, the second is the NPOX 09 Festival in Hilversum. Both will host over 1000 people. This week I got confirmations from both parties to continue building the solutions they requested.

What we will do and show

  1. Connect: Using the RoomWare connection tables and QR codes printed on the passes of each visitor we will enable people to connect during the business events. They do this by placing their visitor card on a special table that will scan the QR code. The table will send an instant e-mail to both people, containing the e-mail address of the other person and connecting them thus.
  2. Show: we will present two concepts: a) Using the info from the QR-codes we will scan social networks and present the found results on the screen connected to the table. b) Using BlueTooth and a beamer we will show the location of people in the building. This will only work for those who have their BlueTooth switched on.

Setup for the events

  1. Connection tables: We will install five to ten “islands” using tables for people to connect and interact. To offer an optimal user experience a touch-screen is the preferred choice, either from Asus, MSI or Sony.
  2. People and locations tables: On at least one screen per room we will show who is there and who is elsewhere.
  3. Projection screen: on at least one location, Twitter and Flickr feeds will be shown from people in that room who switched their BlueTooth on with their Flickr and / or Twitter name.

Future of this installation

In the next months more organizers for business- and network-events will be approached to host this installation. It is offered for free and the main purpose is to promote the RoomWare Project and parties connected to the installations.

Sponsors we have in mind for the first phase

MSI: MSI Wind Top

Asus Eee PC Top

Both parties deliver an embedded system with a touch screen. The perfect setup starts with 10 screens. Discussed with both organizers of both events is the possibility for the sponsor to display themselves.

CabFab Business Event 2009: October 2, 2009

Picture 308

The CabFab Business Event is an initiative organized by the Cabellero Factory. The factory houses 75 creative companies. The expected showup is 1000 people ranging from local politicians to decision makers to businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

(A selection of the participating organizations)

Picture 306

NPOX 09 Festival: November 16, 2009

Picture 309

The NPOX festival is a yearly event for media-makers spanning one day in Hilversum. It brings people from all public broadcasting companies together, from presenters, to IT people to documentary makers to journalists and writers.

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