Next 10 Conference, the day after

Posted on May 13, 2010


I had the privilege to speak at Next 10 conference in Berlin on May 12. In the past 2 days I met several nice, interesting and inspiring people whom I will list here in order of the business cards in my stack:

  1. Peter Espersen, Online Community Lead, Lego. Peter held a very touching and incredible presentation about how Lego percieves and treats their community. Instead of trying to ward off anything that “is not Lego” or “not invented here” they embrace their fans and even become fans of their fans.
  2. Axel Roselius, Funji Laboratories – currently active at T-mobile and investigating the possibilities of AR.
  3. Julie Rix Bagger and Christian Lanng from Tradeshift: an online invoicing framework which was first developed for the local government and might become a big player world wide.
  4. Anita Tillman, Premium, the people who provided the space in which Next 10 was held, but also the company that put Berlin on the map as a fashion city by Premium’s events and activities.
  5. Joe Pezzillo, – a solution that pushes content to applications, including images and text. One of the examples shown is for iPhone applications updating you on sports events, by sending photo’s taken to you as soon as they are online.
  6. Dan Gardenfors, TAT – a company that creates kick-ass interaction design and was presenting their face-recognition solution for the mobile phone.
  7. Cindy Gallop, IfWeRanTheWorld, a kick-ass lady who started as she noticed that her new lovers increasingly became more clueless about what it is to make love due to a lack of useful and onesided information.
  8. Cees van Dok, Frog design, a company designing user interfaces and new visions in similar ways as TAT.
  9. Peter Meier, Metaio – a company which “is the only one currently successful in monatizing AR”. Metaio has a technology for 3D object tracking where normal objects can be used for AR applications.
  10. Jessica Kahn, Tapulous – the company responsible for TapTap Revenge.
  11. Annalisa Bluhm, General Motors – which is completely renewing their strategy
  12. John B Rogers, Local Motors – a company that allows designers all over the world to post their designs and chooses the most popular design to be produced.
  13. Stephane Setbon, MyFab, a company very similar in some lines to to Local Motors, producing designer furniture for prices ranging between 30% to 50% of retail prices.

I hung out with Joe Pezzillo, Julie Bix Bagger, Christian Lanng, Jessica Kahn and Annalisa Bluhm most of the first day, met Cindy Gallop and spoke briefly with Cees van Dok and Stephane Setbon after their presentation. I met Dan Gardenfors, Axel Roselius and John B. Rogers the next day at the end of the day and invited them to join us for dinner somewhere in Berlin.

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