Google IO 2010 keynotes – the war between Apple and Google is on

Posted on May 20, 2010


By Peter Kaptein

Find Googles summary of the keynotes of day one here.

The Google IO keynotes, a brief overview.

  1. Apple bashing – Especially today, Apple has been getting some negative traction by Google.
    1. The lack of openness of the Apple Mobile platform (iPad / iPhone) where Android – according to Google – is an open platform
    2. The lack of support for plugins like Flash by Apple, where Android does support Flash and delivers it as part of their system.
    3. The lack of multitasking on the (older version of) the iPhone and the iPad, where Android is multi-tasking
    4. The performance of JavaScript in de browser (faster on the Android)
    5. The (apparently) more complex way to synchronize data between the iPhone and the computer than via the new Android 2.2 OS, where Android uses “this new thing… … oh yeah: the web!”
    6. Freedom of choice with the Android platform: for hardware and telco’s.
  2. A “Transparant devices” approach – Where each Google device and Google software is able to link and synchronize with other devices
    1. Opening sites from the browser to the phone via the connection these devices have due to your login on both
    2. Using the phone as a remote for the car (shown in a brief demo after the keynote of Thursday) and everything in the car (navigation, locks)
    3. Managing Android applications for the phone in the browser
    4. Backing up data per application to the cloud, so that they become available for all your devices
  3. Google Television – Where the web and TV are integrated, offering Google search in the TV-schedules and possibilities to switch between web and TV content.
  4. HTML5 – Showing the possibilities of CSS3 and HTML5
    1. Animated transitions – flash-like content websites like shown in the Sports Illustrated demo
    2. Web-applications, Google Web Toolkit and the Spring Framework allowing developers to quickly develop client server applications
  5. The use of speech recognition and text to speech – the integration of these services become more clear
  6. Google Wave – Announcing the opening of the platform for other developers.
  7. Android 2.2 – FroYo – more speed, more performance, Flash 10.1

What Google showed new in my opinion is:

  1. “Transparant devices” – An integrated cross-platform system. Using your login / username you can see all devices you use and connect to them via websites, other devices (very likely) and make them interact with each other
  2. The war is on with Apple – Google is openly challenging Apple. Showing off with their working together with Adobe and the puns thrown at the iPad and iPhone.
  3. Google is extending their reach as a advertisement platform  via Google TV – Very likely the move to TV will increase their reach for advertisers and increase their revenue.

I am curious to see how Apple will respond.

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