HotForestGreen Internet Of Things Framework – Update: First round trip test successful

Posted on June 13, 2011


Today I tested the first round trip: sending an update on a Remote Object from one Client to another.

This is the first real landmark on a private project to build an easy to use framework for: “The Internet of Things” that started in the first week of May 2011.

See the: “Round-trip successful” blog post here.

What is it about? Simplification of complex issues related to real time messaging

The entire goal of the HotForestGreen Framework is to build a solid and scalable framework to build small and complex Distributed Systems.

See more about that – and why I am developing this – on the About page of HotForestGreen.

What will I do with it?

Apart from some demo / proof of concepts to get started I will use it to build my first smart space. See this post called: “Smartspacing the house” to find out what I have in mind.

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