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Hacking away with Android pt 7 – Februari 2011 overview on what you can- and can not do with Android (devices)

February 11, 2011


Although Android tablets are offered for Netbook and Notebook prices and perceived to be the “replacement” for Netbooks (like apparently Acer is assuming), Android tablets are far from “there”. As it its really hard to find anything about where we are right now with Android and where each tablet could be placed related to the […]

Hacking away with Android pt 6 – Froyo and Flash 10.1 on Archos

December 31, 2010


At this point in time (end of december 2010) the Archos Froyo firmware release does NOT yet come with Flash 10.1. There is a simple workarounds for that. So lets review: Steps Install Froyo / Android 2.2 on your Archos (if not done yet) – by connecting your Archos device to your computer via USB […]

Hacking away with Android pt 5 – insides of the Archos 32 and photos of LCD screens

November 18, 2010


At the beginning of November 2010 I dropped my Archos 32. Due to the impact the power switch was dislodged. As the warranty is usually only valid for hardware failure due to construction faults I decided to take it apart. [Update, April 2011] It seems I am not the only one with this issue. If […]

Hacking away with Android pt 4 – Researching options to attach sensors and devices to your Android

November 1, 2010


I have been doing some research on attaching sensors to the Android devices in the past days. I have not tested or build solutions yet with this information. That will be one of the next steps. Purposes of this series This series of articles is written with the following uses of Android Devices in mind: […]

Hacking away with Android pt 3 – Installing modified firmware on the Archos

October 30, 2010


To make the Archos more usable for hacking, it helps when it is rooted. As there is no “standard” way to root the Android, except by installing a modified firmware, I installed the firmware on the Archos 7. Related posts Rooting my Android LG540: describing the steps to root that phone Hacking away with Android: […]

Hacking away with Android pt 2 – Making your own USB host cable

October 30, 2010


This hack is specifically for Android devices that can act as a USB-host. Why? – To connect USB stuff to your Android device To connect USB stuff (a mouse, keyboard or memory stick) to your Android device (in my case a Android Tablet) you need a USB host cable. These cables are not sold in […]

Hacking away with Android pt 1 – using the file system, WiFi and FTP

October 29, 2010


This is one in a series of more posts to come. Brief In the past days I have been testing several options with my Android Devices to see if I can move them beyond their general purpose. It is a preparation towards three types of use: Using Android Tablets as an alternative for a Netbook […]