ASP.NET MVC 4 and SPA, part 1: Frameworks for data transfer

April 28, 2013


I have been looking today at several solutions to transfer data between the Client and the Server. Use case I am building an application that allows me to do several things: Simple Page — Everything happens on one single page. No page loading. CRUD — Get, add, edit and remove records in a database Secure […]

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The artisan, the craftsman, the artist, the hacker

June 20, 2012


In April, my sabbatical finally kicked in. I had planned this originally for June 2011, to last at least until December 2011 and maybe even longer. I would use that period to write, finish the project I labelled HotForestGreen and walk some new paths. This is now finally happening. With it comes some self-reflection. Here […]

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Building a publishing tool for online publications

May 23, 2012


In the past months I have been working hard on writing a book on Design Patterns and refactoring. Publishing Word and using DocumentShare To make the book as usable as possible I decided to go for three publication forms: HTML, ePub and PDF. Each have their benefits and drawbacks and each therefore has a specific […]

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How do you connect to Interactive Spaces?

April 18, 2012


In 2008, 2009 and 2010 I started working on concepts to project personal data-clouds into a space. In the old setup you would register to some centralized service and insert all links to all your social profiles (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and so on) you would find relevant. By grouping specific links under different types […]

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State of hardware and software to tinker with

March 7, 2012


Every so now and then I compile a little state of things. See this list of articles for this current and past posts. Faster, better, more compact, more productive When you want to build stuff, today is the best time to live and next week will be even better. Android internals: System on a Chip […]

Hardware: Building a light bridge

December 10, 2011


[First draft, updated] Basis A light bridge in its simplest form is a light source and a light receptor. When the light source can no longer be “seen” by the receptor, the bridge is “broken”. Light bridges are most common in shops where, when you enter, some kind of “ding dong” chime is activated. What […]

Research: Building Schrödingers box

December 4, 2011


The problem We travel. We have a cat. The cat is old. The cat can not come with us in most of all cases. We currently have no-one to take care of the cat when we are gone. As the cat is old, she can die while we are gone. We want to know if […]

Dear Archos

October 18, 2011


Dear Archos, I am a fan of your tablets. I bought the Archos 7 Home Tablet and the Archos 32 and Archos 101 tablet as I needed them for my experiments. I will skip the G9 Archos 80 – 2×1000 as I want the G9 Archos 80 – 2×1500. Increasing presence I see your tablets […]

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Experiments with Touch – Building a dual screen Surface Acoustic Wave Touch table

October 17, 2011


Brief The next Touch project on my list involves a Surface Acoustic Wave Dual Touch panel. I am choosing this technology for the following reasons/advantages: Affordable multi touch – Capacative screens become increasingly expensive as size increases. SAW stays relatively low cost. Less vulnerable – I noticed with a capacitive Touch screen from [insert here] […]

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Experiments with Touch – Bigscreen Android with 23 inch Resistive Touch Panel

October 5, 2011


Inspired by the allegedly Windows Android x86 demo with a 23 inch multi-touch screen by Martin Drashkov (see second video below), I decided to give my own version a spin. [Edit: Oct 16, 2011] One of the readers of Hack a Day pointed out that a 23 inch Touch panel could not be found. I guess […]