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Experiments with Touch – Building a dual screen Surface Acoustic Wave Touch table

October 17, 2011


Brief The next Touch project on my list involves a Surface Acoustic Wave Dual Touch panel. I am choosing this technology for the following reasons/advantages: Affordable multi touch – Capacative screens become increasingly expensive as size increases. SAW stays relatively low cost. Less vulnerable – I noticed with a capacitive Touch screen from [insert here] […]

The tinkerers price levels list – June 2011: low budget hardware to build smart stuff

June 23, 2011


What is this list about? Tipping point for the “Internet of Things” – I believe one of the main factors for a break through of DIY Smart Spaces and DIY “Internet of Things” is price: the cost of building and buying your own stuff. Same price, more options – As time progresses, more possibilities are […]

New Roomware server coming up

May 5, 2011


Yesterday I have been cooking up the new infrastructure for the new “Roomware Socket Server”. Where the old setup was “cloud based” meaning it could be anywhere on any IP address on the web, I found that had a lot of issues regarding ease of setup. What was wrong with the old approach? When I […]

Hacking away with Android pt 4 – Researching options to attach sensors and devices to your Android

November 1, 2010


I have been doing some research on attaching sensors to the Android devices in the past days. I have not tested or build solutions yet with this information. That will be one of the next steps. Purposes of this series This series of articles is written with the following uses of Android Devices in mind: […]

Roomware, tablets, Android, phones and serial connections

September 25, 2010


The Archos 7 Android tablet, about 140 to 150 euro in the store Going serial Up until now I thought serial connections were going to be – at least – challenge on the Android platform. Android does – by default – not support much USB connectivity (as one of many examples). Using some hacks you […]

Android – more thant just phones

July 18, 2010


Investigating the possibilities of both the Android phones and the Android Tablet PC's, I have started to look into: 1. Connecting USB devices to the Droid 2. Connecting an external display to the Droid

Using an Android phone as a Roomware Server

June 8, 2010


By: Peter Kaptein, June 8, 2010 Yesterday another thought crossed my mind, thinking about Roomware. It is a process of adding up different insights. Reducing energy use One of the biggest issues on running local installations of Roomware is energy-consumption. Say you have a house monitored by different sensors, with one of the purposes to […]

Sending messages with the Roomware Socket Server

May 8, 2010


By Peter Kaptein The Roomware Socket Server Message Protocol is a medium-weight protocol to send messages from one thing to another. Medium weight? Light weight messages are devoid of fluff. They are optimized to send data from “A” to “B” in the most compact form. Heavy weight messages contain a lot of extra meta-data. XML […]

Trends: The Roomware and Roomware related landscape for the next 5 to 10 year

May 1, 2010


This article investigates the landscape of information, information access, domotica, smart houses, biometry, smart cities and cloud computing. High end technology is becoming a commodity. This allows small groups of people to produce high quality goods of any type. This gives us power to build and run our own "Cloud" from home and produce our own clean energy. This gives us the tool to monitor our own health in real time and correct the ways we use our bodies for the better.

Roomware XBee mediator whitepapers

April 24, 2010


Introduction About this document In this document you will find the basis of the Roomware Socket Server XBee clients. What can you do with it? You can build your own applications using the API’s as provided and use as many XBee devices as you like to create a cloud of sensors. What is it written […]