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The artisan, the craftsman, the artist, the hacker

June 20, 2012


In April, my sabbatical finally kicked in. I had planned this originally for June 2011, to last at least until December 2011 and maybe even longer. I would use that period to write, finish the project I labelled HotForestGreen and walk some new paths. This is now finally happening. With it comes some self-reflection. Here […]

How do you connect to Interactive Spaces?

April 18, 2012


In 2008, 2009 and 2010 I started working on concepts to project personal data-clouds into a space. In the old setup you would register to some centralized service and insert all links to all your social profiles (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and so on) you would find relevant. By grouping specific links under different types […]

Adding more value to conferences – Structure and the unfilled gap of collected content from speakers

June 29, 2011


Missing links When I visit (or speak on) an event, I usually leave with an empty feeling. My memorabilia are usually my “<fill event name in here>” Name Tag and a crumpled program with: A map of the venue A list of speakers, their time slots and topics I always intend to lookup the speakers which interested […]

A simple overview to help choose your hardware for “Internet of Things” solutions

June 25, 2011


What is this post about? Starting point for tinkerers – When you are relatively new in the field of building smart stuff with electronics, it can hard to know what to choose and where to start. This post is intended to help you get started Finding the right solutions based on the right questions – […]

Research: XBee and Arduino

June 20, 2011


In the next weeks I will start experimenting with XBee and Arduino, to do some basic Domotica things. Hardware Setup Base Station – The Base Station is a below 200 euro Netbook in low power mode, with the screen switched off. Connected to one of the USB ports is a XBee mudule XBee / Arduino […]

HotForestGreen – A new “Internet of things” framework under development

May 26, 2011


“HotForestGreen” started May 5th. It is a project I am running  in my spare time, when I close the day on the work I am doing for Reed Elsevier. The name is a nice combination of words I chained up and has no deeper meaning as far as I know. Basis HotForestGreen is a Framework […]

Research: Using Kinect Depth data for Multi Touch

May 23, 2011


Main issues with TouchLib and the similars TouchLib and similar libraries for multi-touch solutions are using camera input to identify where the user touches a table. The blobs are either shadow cast on the surface from lighting above, or reflection from Infrared sources below the table. The big benefit of TouchLib is that it is […]