Beyond The Keyboard is the professional Blog of Peter Kaptein | Instant Interfaces regarding RoomWare and “The internet of things”. Peter Kaptein is connected to the Roomware Project.

This blog focuses on alternative means of input for “human computer interfacing” and practical solutions to connect and manipulate hardware solutions via the web.

Peter Kaptein is an Internet Professional since 1998 and freelancer since 2000. He developed and designed Intranet-solutions and web based Content Management Systems from 1998 to 2002. He programs Adobe Flash ActionScript 3, does PaperVision3D, FLAR tolkit and several experiments to extend the possible use of these technologies. You can find his Flash blog here.

Kaptein lives in Florence, Italy and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he does his freelance work and where he develops new Open Sourced RAD Frameworks for Flash, Roomware and Roomware related hardware / software solutions, including RFID, bluetooth, QR-codes, GSM and WiFi to identify users and objects and using webcams, AR toolkits, sound, movement, mobile phones and touch for user interactions with applications and (online) data.

With Alexander Zeh he created the basis of a new foundation for Roomware applications. In June 2009 this new basis was presented by Kaptein at Reboot11 and moved further forward in the months after, leading to QR-code based solutions for events and new Roomware related uses for bluetooth and mobile phones.

His goal for 2010 is to move Flash and Roomware into a new field where Flash and Roomware applications and application clusters are easy to build, easy to use, easy to distribute and easy to share.

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