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State of hardware and software to tinker with

March 7, 2012


Every so now and then I compile a little state of things. See this list of articles for this current and past posts. Faster, better, more compact, more productive When you want to build stuff, today is the best time to live and next week will be even better. Android internals: System on a Chip […]

Experiments with Touch – Building a dual screen Surface Acoustic Wave Touch table

October 17, 2011


Brief The next Touch project on my list involves a Surface Acoustic Wave Dual Touch panel. I am choosing this technology for the following reasons/advantages: Affordable multi touch – Capacative screens become increasingly expensive as size increases. SAW stays relatively low cost. Less vulnerable – I noticed with a capacitive Touch screen from [insert here] […]

Experiments with Touch – Bigscreen Android with 23 inch Resistive Touch Panel

October 5, 2011


Inspired by the allegedly Windows Android x86 demo with a 23 inch multi-touch screen by Martin Drashkov (see second video below), I decided to give my own version a spin. [Edit: Oct 16, 2011] One of the readers of Hack a Day pointed out that a 23 inch Touch panel could not be found. I guess […]

The search for hardware below 100 euro – Android stuff keeps dropping in price

August 26, 2011


The search for hardware below the 100 euro price tag When you build stuff that needs some kind of computing power beyond the 20 euro PLC/Arduino scope, Android devices might be your first weapon of choice. When I started to focus my attention on Android in 2010, the cheapest hardware you could find where the […]

The tinkerers price levels list – June 2011: low budget hardware to build smart stuff

June 23, 2011


What is this list about? Tipping point for the “Internet of Things” – I believe one of the main factors for a break through of DIY Smart Spaces and DIY “Internet of Things” is price: the cost of building and buying your own stuff. Same price, more options – As time progresses, more possibilities are […]

New Roomware server coming up

May 5, 2011


Yesterday I have been cooking up the new infrastructure for the new “Roomware Socket Server”. Where the old setup was “cloud based” meaning it could be anywhere on any IP address on the web, I found that had a lot of issues regarding ease of setup. What was wrong with the old approach? When I […]

Short state update: Android, real world interfaces and electricity from insects

April 11, 2011


If you read Engadged, you might have seen this already. A quick post. Energy from organic material (insects) Using bacteria and some other nifty stuff, organic material is converted into something else that can be used to generate electricity. Enough to power a clock that captures and transports its own food. I guess it falls […]

Hacking away with Android pt 7 – Februari 2011 overview on what you can- and can not do with Android (devices)

February 11, 2011


Although Android tablets are offered for Netbook and Notebook prices and perceived to be the “replacement” for Netbooks (like apparently Acer is assuming), Android tablets are far from “there”. As it its really hard to find anything about where we are right now with Android and where each tablet could be placed related to the […]

Tablets, Android, fragmentation and marketing versus product development

January 14, 2011


The Android market is “fragmented”. Also, it is “not as good an experience as Apple”. Criticasters on the platform blame the OS itself. I think that is not where the pain lies. Bottom line is, that it is really frustrating to have relatively low cost hardware with a lot of potential hacking possibilities and not […]

Hardware as a commodity pt 2: The phone as laptop replacement

January 10, 2011


In May 2010 I held a presentation at NEXT in Germany titled: “Hardware as a Commodity” and what that will change. The basis of that presentation were the concepts I wrote down in this blog post a few days before the event. I will give you a few slides from that presentation here to show […]