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Android: awesome 3D games are coming up, why do productivity suites stay behind?

February 15, 2011


With “productivity software” we refer in general to: “word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, PIMs, schedulers and other software packages that are designed for individual use” – from an online dictionary. In the past month, several games are introduced on the Android platform using the Unreal engine. Allowing full fledged (and quite gorgeous) 3D on […]

Roomware, tablets, Android, phones and serial connections

September 25, 2010


The Archos 7 Android tablet, about 140 to 150 euro in the store Going serial Up until now I thought serial connections were going to be – at least – challenge on the Android platform. Android does – by default – not support much USB connectivity (as one of many examples). Using some hacks you […]

Android – more thant just phones

July 18, 2010


Investigating the possibilities of both the Android phones and the Android Tablet PC's, I have started to look into: 1. Connecting USB devices to the Droid 2. Connecting an external display to the Droid

Conceptual sketches for a paper-prototyping environment using a pen-tablet and handwriting

February 16, 2010


The most natural way to paper prototype is on paper. The directness of eye-hand-pen to conceptual sketch is still much greater than working with a mouse in environments like Visio. These conceptual sketches show the step by step process of building a database driven application - using a pen-tablet and software that helps you translating the drawings into semantic ojects - in three phases: 1. Defining the objects and relationships between the objects 2. Defining the entity relationship model / database model 3. Defining the front end application

Concept sketches – “The iPad killer” – The possible next phase for pen tablets – part three

February 15, 2010


This blog post is the third in a series of three. It shows the conceptual sketches towards a different concept of pen/touch tablets, crossing the border between tablets and netbooks and merging them into one device. The conceptual sketches in this post are made with the Dane-Elec zPen during my one hour and forty minutes flight from Schiphol Airpoirt (the Netherlands) to Pisa. It contains the musings I made thinking about the next stages of pen-tablets.

The possible next phase for pen tablets – part two

February 14, 2010


Aiptect myNote The first thought that led to this post was: "how would I improve a tool like the Wacom Tablet if I had the chance?" Going into more detail as I went through the different stages of sketching and shallow research (of which the images above are a summary) I started to merge the different elements into a "what if" and "why not?" solution. Below you will find a break down of that process, on hind sight.

The possible next phase for pen tablets – part one

February 14, 2010


The Livescribe In the past weeks I went through different design phases, thinking about possible new directions pen tablets could go. In this post I will look at display techniques, pen-tablets, tablet-PC's and use cases for pen-input, describing the different aspects of each element.