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A personal vision document regarding Roomware

March 1, 2010


Roomware is about spaces, people and data. Binding them / connecting them you can create environments: 1. Responding to people entering and moving in that space 2. Providing people feedback on what is going in in that space 3. Which allow people to connect to other people using the space itself 4. Which allows people to share data with other people and the space, using the space itself The added value of Roomware applications will create a new sort of business where data, the web, technology, locations and YOU finally merge into an extended type of service-program which is fast/responsive and very personalized. There are a lot of issues involved, of which Privacy is the biggest. When the Roomware-scenarios as described above become reality, a lot of data about who you are and where you have been becomes more and more tracable then it is already now.

The unofficial Roomware Manifesto, september 2009

September 27, 2009


Beginning this year Alexander Zeh and I started writing down many issues regarding "Roomware 2.0". This is a long postponded blog post about that. All services mentioned are there for illustration. I am aware that the landscape of services and possibilities is much broader. The Manifesto describes the ground on which I believe Roomware and Roomware projects has the highest probability to thrive.