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Building a publishing tool for online publications

May 23, 2012


In the past months I have been working hard on writing a book on Design Patterns and refactoring. Publishing Word and using DocumentShare To make the book as usable as possible I decided to go for three publication forms: HTML, ePub and PDF. Each have their benefits and drawbacks and each therefore has a specific […]

New Roomware server coming up

May 5, 2011


Yesterday I have been cooking up the new infrastructure for the new “Roomware Socket Server”. Where the old setup was “cloud based” meaning it could be anywhere on any IP address on the web, I found that had a lot of issues regarding ease of setup. What was wrong with the old approach? When I […]

Re-thinking the Roomware Socket Server

December 16, 2010


Brief In 2009 I wrote the first version of the Roomware Socket Server, using Sockets and push-machanisms based on events to make stuff communicate to each other. To discover services I proposed and implemented a scanner on mobile devices, scanning for Bluetooth devices that function as “beacons” connected to services. Other people found and implemented […]

Roomware, tablets, Android, phones and serial connections

September 25, 2010


The Archos 7 Android tablet, about 140 to 150 euro in the store Going serial Up until now I thought serial connections were going to be – at least – challenge on the Android platform. Android does – by default – not support much USB connectivity (as one of many examples). Using some hacks you […]

Using an Android phone as a Roomware Server

June 8, 2010


By: Peter Kaptein, June 8, 2010 Yesterday another thought crossed my mind, thinking about Roomware. It is a process of adding up different insights. Reducing energy use One of the biggest issues on running local installations of Roomware is energy-consumption. Say you have a house monitored by different sensors, with one of the purposes to […]

Trends: The Roomware and Roomware related landscape for the next 5 to 10 year

May 1, 2010


This article investigates the landscape of information, information access, domotica, smart houses, biometry, smart cities and cloud computing. High end technology is becoming a commodity. This allows small groups of people to produce high quality goods of any type. This gives us power to build and run our own "Cloud" from home and produce our own clean energy. This gives us the tool to monitor our own health in real time and correct the ways we use our bodies for the better.

A personal vision document regarding Roomware

March 1, 2010


Roomware is about spaces, people and data. Binding them / connecting them you can create environments: 1. Responding to people entering and moving in that space 2. Providing people feedback on what is going in in that space 3. Which allow people to connect to other people using the space itself 4. Which allows people to share data with other people and the space, using the space itself The added value of Roomware applications will create a new sort of business where data, the web, technology, locations and YOU finally merge into an extended type of service-program which is fast/responsive and very personalized. There are a lot of issues involved, of which Privacy is the biggest. When the Roomware-scenarios as described above become reality, a lot of data about who you are and where you have been becomes more and more tracable then it is already now.

Concept: Redesigning the desktop

February 28, 2010


There have been several attempts to redesign the desktop paradigm. Here is mine. I will discuss the backgrounds and design goals later in this post.

Conceptual sketches for a paper-prototyping environment using a pen-tablet and handwriting

February 16, 2010


The most natural way to paper prototype is on paper. The directness of eye-hand-pen to conceptual sketch is still much greater than working with a mouse in environments like Visio. These conceptual sketches show the step by step process of building a database driven application - using a pen-tablet and software that helps you translating the drawings into semantic ojects - in three phases: 1. Defining the objects and relationships between the objects 2. Defining the entity relationship model / database model 3. Defining the front end application

Concept sketches – “The iPad killer” – The possible next phase for pen tablets – part three

February 15, 2010


This blog post is the third in a series of three. It shows the conceptual sketches towards a different concept of pen/touch tablets, crossing the border between tablets and netbooks and merging them into one device. The conceptual sketches in this post are made with the Dane-Elec zPen during my one hour and forty minutes flight from Schiphol Airpoirt (the Netherlands) to Pisa. It contains the musings I made thinking about the next stages of pen-tablets.